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Tenant References

Corporate Tenants

Henry Ford Health Systems
McLaren Health Systems (Mt. Clemens General Hospital System)
First American Title Company
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital System West (Mt. Clemens)
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Trinity (North Oakland)
H&R Block, Inc.
Ameriprise, Inc.
Subway Corporation
Hungry Howies Corporation
Macomb Daily/Oakland Press 21st Century Newspapers Inc.
Lover’s Lane Inc.
Endodontic Associates P.C.
Huntington Oral Surgery Group
Dry Coolers Inc.
Raven Engineering Inc.
Knollwood Dental Group Inc.
Accelerated Rehab Inc.
New Wave Laundromat Inc.
Keller Williams Reality Inc.
Auto Crafters Inc.
Employment Plus Inc.
American Safety Products Inc.
Consortium for Human Development P.C.
Mafasco Health Supplies Inc.
Proper Mold Inc.
Histar Inc.
Metro Home Health Care
Honest Home Health Care
M&M Tooling Inc.
Sterling American Grill Inc.
Collection Services Bureau Inc.
Recen Machine Co.
Tricounty Fabrications Inc.
Edward Jones Inc.
Accelerated Rehab Systems Inc.
Reality Executives Inc.
North Oakland Commodities
Island Bar & Grille
Sterling American Grill
New Wave Laundry
Fenton Home Furnishings
Pavex Corporation
Skiers Pier
Metro PCS
Quality Air Service Inc.
Turnkey Automotive
Delta Trim
TEC International
Linares Medical Devices
RiverTrail Counseling
Precision Milling & Design
Detroit Wilbert Cremation
Alfred J Mueller Photography
All Kitchen & Bath by Design
Creative CNC Services
Potowatomi Tile Works
Ralco Industries
RPS Tool & Engineering
Tri-County Fabricating

Professional Tenants

Dr. Margolis M.D. Family Practice
Dr. Kobold & Dr. Smith OB/GYN
Dr. Sam Jonnalgadda M.D. & Dr. Alka Jain M.D. Internists
Dr. Maria Liveratos M.D. Family Practice
Dr. Ho Young Kim M.D. Psychiatrist
Glegg, Guest and Braybant Physical Therapy Inc.
Legacy Financial Group
Grand Oak Mortgage Co.
Dr. Sudipta Dahr M.D. – Pediatrics
Dr. Daniel Bielak D.O.
Dr. Steven Kesler D.D.S. – Endodontist
Periodontal Specialists P.C. – Dr. Boutrous
Robert Manor, Attorney
Dr. Nedra Downing D.O.
Dr. Cliff LaLiberte Podiatry
Dr. Dee Shagal – Audiology Hearing Rehabilitation Inc.
Paul Schell – Jade Hearing
Huntington Group – Oral Surgery
Honest Home Health Care
Dr. Mike Polito M.D. & Dr. Scott Horst M.D. – Urgent Care
Dr. Gary Ritten M.D. OB/GYN
Lakes Internal Medicine – Dr. McTurk Internist
Associated Obstetrics & Gynecology P.C.
Endodontic Associates P.C. – Dr. Mike Glass D.D.S.
Grand Blanc Counseling Center P.C. – Salem Ucer
Michigan Estate Planning Law Center
Michigan Center for Orthopedic Surgery P.C.
Richard Wurtz, Attorney
Stasio Chiropractic
Legacy Family Medicine  P.C. (Drs. Zimny and Sayegh)
Michigan Medical Specialists (Dr. Clinton)
JADE Hearing
Sheri Frame, Attorney at Law
Periodtonal Specialists of Clarkston
Transnation Title of Michigan
Best Urgent Care P.C.
Lakes Psychology Center
Michigan Business Advisors
Olivia Arabo, Attorney at Law
Sollars & Associates Counseling
Vision Institute of Michigan
Michigan Legal Team


Orchard Maple Dentistry
Andrea Nakisher D.D.S., M.S., P.C.
Dr. Woodruff D.D.S. (West Bloomfield)
Dr. Amin & Assar D.D.S. (Commerce)
Dr. Sedki & Dr. Salomon (Commerce)
Dr. Taito D.M.D. Endodontist (Commerce)
Dr. Kesler D.M.D. Endondist (Lapeer)
Dr. Nechvatal D.M.D. Oral Surgery (Lapeer)
Huntington Group Oral Surgeons (Grand Blanc)
Dr. Ortesi & Dr. Abati (Sterling Heights)
Dr. Sasick D.D.S. (Sterling Heights)
Dr. Boutrous,Dr. Johnson, Dr. Lewis D.D.S. Periodontist (Clarkston)
Dr. Dietz D.D.S. (Sterling Heights and Clarkston)
Dr. Bobier D.M.D. Oral Surgeon (Clarkston)
Dr. Prudhomme D.D.S. (Clarkston) Former Tenant
Dr. Huermann D.D.S. (Sterling Heights) Former Tenant
Dr. Penn D.D.S. Oral Surgeon (Commerce)
Endodontic Associates P.C. (Commerce)
Dr. Fitney D.D.S. (Clarkston)
Dr. Duff D.D.S. Periodontist (Lapeer) Former Tenant
Dr. N. Farooq Pedodontist (Commerce)
Dr. Rick Stevens D.D.S. (Commerce)
Dr. Alex Schultz D.D.S. (Lapeer)
Knollwood Dental Group (Sterling Heights)